Best US-based webstore for new funk/soul/etc. vinyl?

I've been lurking on here for a while, mainly reading old threads and stuff but I wanted to make an account to pick the brains of whoever's still on here:

What webstore in the US has the best selection of contemporary funk & soul records, particularly on 7"?

I used to work at a record store in NC and just ordered the stuff I wanted through our shop but now I've moved to North Colorado where there isn't a record store I like and now I'm looking around and feeling like I must be missing something.  Where do y'all get records????

For background, I'd like a shop that carries Colemine, Big Crown, FNR, F Spot, Mango Hill and that kind of stuff on 45 and then from there has other stuff I don't know about. is the best shop in the world for what I'm looking for but that 20 euro shipping fee is killing me.  Fat Beats is good but doesn't have everything. Dusty Groove is good but I think they get limited quantities of everything bc they sell out of stuff I want really quick. What do y'all use?

Sorry to ramble but I just drank coffee. Climate catastrophe is probably gonna happen in my lifetime and I wanna be gripping dope sevens until the end.  Any help would be appreciated.


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    I'm primarily ordering off Discogs now. It seems like a lot shops have either started selling on Discogs and/or on ebay instead of through their own websites. The monthly email lists like the one from Friends of Sound are good too.

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    On Facebook there's the "Hassle Free Record Selling" group but most of the sellers are in Europe.

    Monty Pop

  • Yeah, I think you're probably right about most stores going to discogs. Thanks for the heads up on the FoS newsletter-- I'll get on that. Do you recommend any other newsletters?

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    Undisputed Crates is another one that I just got on
    Monty Pop

  • I'm UK based and have used HHV and Juno plenty but also dusty groove and others in the states. This thread is relevant to my interests as even being based here those sites have gaps in their inventories.
    My current technique for new records is to obsessively check labels' webstores/bandcamps and review sites for new releases I'm into. Even the smallest labels seem to sell 7's through bandcamp (NOLA Breaks, pepite, J-Zone's releases, that's why records). FNR, Colemine etc. of course have proper sites with news sections.
    Monty Pop
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