Limited Edition MingusxCamperx180Proof Sneaker

It's been a few years since I have been on this board but I still have love for soulstrut and visit every once and a while.  Anyway, coming off the recent release of Jazz in Detroit/Strata Concert Gallery /46 Selden 5xLP Boxset is the limited edition MingusxCamperx180Proof sneaker.  There are 4 available out of the 9 that were made.  Unfortunately, due to internal strife at Camper these will NOT see a commercial release at all!  Moreover, these sneakers are only sample size 42 (9.5 US).  If you're in the market for some summertime kicks then these are perfect.  I am asking for 150 euros which includes shipping costs.  Order at Don't hesitate to buy yours now as they will NOT be available again!



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