turkish tinged tracks

Seeing all the Khruangbin talk has got me searching, who's got turk psych funk? School me.


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    Mark from Khruangbin's influences are a collection of multiple "world music" sources ranging from South East Asia, Thailand, Indonesian, African, Balearic,  Ethiopian, Afghanistan, Jamaican, with a Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul foundation. With specifically a bit of debt to Khun Narin. 

    Though that's not to say that he is not also influenced by Turkish music. I just don't personally hear a lot of Turkish influences in their songwriting. 

    I will agree that with you that Altin Gun are getting to the core of Turkish Psychedelic rock. They are a brilliant little band that is bringing back the epitome of what is great about Turkish music. Super proud of this band. 


    The Anatolian Rock Revival Project is a brilliant site to get more familiar with some amazing Turkish music, and also get into the powerful  messages hidden within the songs lyrics. Here's some of my favorite samples of Turkish music: 

    - Damo

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    Just wanted to add that I love that Khruangbin and Altin Gun may both be the 2 most exciting things in live music in 2019. 


    - spidey

  • Yeah I meant it more as a jumping off point, obviously Khruangbin has a lot more to their influences, and Anadolu rock isn't the primary. I'd just come across some a few nice tracks after discovering Altin Gun recently and the Khruangbin thread reminded me.

    I am digging the video dump, thanks!!
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