14.Sept. Akiwawa Party + a new Konzeptlos mix!

AKIWAWA... what else. The bimonthly night run by DJs Pun (Unique Records) & Rainer (Konzeptlos) at Kaschemme in Basel, Switzerland! A night full of deep, raw Funk & Soul inspired sounds from the 60s and 70s, played from dusty and crackling plates. Musically travelling from the States downwards to Central-/South-America to the Caribbean Islands over to the African continent and finally to Europe. Known and barely known stuff but always danceable. Come around

new mix:
70mins of deep 70s african sounds uploaded by Rainer of Konzeptlos. Taken from old, dusty and crackling plates, mainly mellowish afrobeat and funk/soul influenced stuff. Grab yourself a sipping drink, give it a try and feel free to share...Cheers! Listen: http://www.konzeptlos.org/konzeptlosounds.mp3

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