The Endless Summer with Andy Cooper & Ugly Duckling

Just wrapped up this fun mix with a little bonus outro rap from Andy Cooper himself!

Peep's great for a long summer drive:  

Duderonomyklezmer electro-thug beatsbillbradleyketan


  • Thanks for the mix Hopper! I met Andy at a DJ Format show and we briefly discussed his work on (every TV producer in the UK's bane) the Audio Network production library. Seems like a really nice and genuine dood. Check out his shit on Audio Network if you didn't know - seems like most commercial artists that do library music don't shout it to the rafters. Despite the fact it probably pays an indie artist's bills better than Spotify or pressing a thousand 45s a couple times a year...

  • ketanketan Warmly booming riffs 2,716 Posts
    I was just listening to Fresh Mode the other day.  

  • rcwinklyrcwinkly 92 Posts
    Check out his shit on Audio Network if you didn't know -

    Word...I will definitely check that out!  I was not knowin'

    Hope you dig the mix and yes, Andy seems like a very cool guy with mad flow.  His "Room to Breathe" LP has been on heavy rotation the past year or so.

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