Ramsey Lewis and Herbie Mann on trial (RR)

I'm continuing to distill my collection down to the essentials, which means taking a good hard listen to any record that is under $10 (Discogs median price is my guide) and determining if I really need to keep a copy on vinyl.

My first notion was to just keep Ramsey Lewis on Cadet and just keep Herbie Mann on Embryo. I've always had a disproportionate number of records by these two gentlemen.

Nonetheless, I'm going to give all the stuff on the chopping block one last listen to make sure I'm not overlooking anything dope but cheap. What are your essential LPs by these two?


  • RhythmGJRhythmGJ Buffalo, NY 215 Posts

    None. You should sell them all to me extra-cheap.

    But seriously, folks, no-brainers would be "The In-Crowd" and "Memphis Underground." Also HM's "At the Village Gate" and "Returns to..."


  • For Ramsey I like Mother Nature's Son & Back to the Roots on Cadet
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