New Sade (with No ID!)

This is the very special best gift for a Tuesday morning. Even if its purpose is to soundtrack the effects artists credits in  a children's fantasy film with heavy religious overtones. 

Funny because I was on a Sade revisiting tip again the last few weeks. It's as if I knew (I didn't).

Loving the way the instrumentation twists and rise to replace Sade's voice in the last minute.


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    Looks like the lawyers are quickly taking all of the video posts down. Disney wants to get that soundtrack money.

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    Vanting to hear

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    I heard it before it vanished. Her voice is still perfection.

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    Aha, i did wonder how No ID got the gig and it turns out his version is a remix. *whisper* I prefer his mix *whisper*.

    Can't seem to find any links to the track but it is on Spotify...

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    ketan said:

    Yeah that's the one. Love it.

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    ketan said:

    Sade would be contributing to Disney’s soundtrack for A Wrinkle In Time, which would be dropping March 9th, and alas here it is! Late Monday night, producer No I.D. decided to hop on Twitter and share the highly anticipated Sade record called “Flower of the Universe.

    "At last".

    FFS did a bot write that?

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    new album was being recorded in 2022 in France - wonder when the album will drop.

    In terms of a full-length album, Sade — composed of Sade Adu (vocalist), Stuart Matthewman (saxophonist), Andrew Hale (keyboardist) and Paul Spencer Denman (bass guitarist) — have been missing in action since releasing Soldier of Love in February 2010.

    Matthewman confirmed to Rated R&B in 2018 that the group was working on a new album. He mentioned “a bunch of songs” were in the can, but they wouldn’t be released until the moment felt suitable for them.

    “When we’re happy, then we’ll let everyone else hear it. [Sade’s] not interested in fame or any of that [other] stuff. She likes to put out art. So when it’s ready, it will come out,” Matthewman affirmed. 

    He added, “The record company knows there’s no point in nagging us or giving us deadlines. It doesn’t help the process.” At the time of that interview and this publishing, Sade are still under the roster of their longtime label Epic Records.

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