Fall Finds

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Fast, blind and cheap pick-ups from the Pasadena College swap meet.

Takeshi Inomata & His West Liners "Paint It Black" (King): EZ lounge chud curio from Japan.
Emanuel K. Rahim & The Kahliqs "Total Submission" (Cobblestone)
Raul Marrero "La Casa" (Mericana)
Strawbs "Hero & Heroine" (A&M)
The New Troubadours "Winds Of Birth" (Lorian)
Two Friends S/T (Natural Resources)
Jack DeJohnette's Directions "Cosmic Chicken" (Prestige)
Kokuleeba Lwanga & The Bacaro Percussion "Sounds Of Africa" (Sphere)
Jimmy McGriff & Junior Parker "Chicken Fried Soul" (United Artists)
Rasa "Creation" (Lotus Eye)
Bettye Crutcher "Long As You Love Me" (Enterprise)
Jim Hall - Ron Carter Duo "Alone Together" (Milestone)
Alice Coltrane & Carlos Santana "Illuminations" (CBS)
Sly & Robbie "Language Barrier" (Island)
Mike Nock "Ondas" (ECM)
Maxine Weldon "Alone On My Own" (Monument)
Sonny Fortune "Infinity Is" (Atlantic)
Talya Ferro "Look At Me" (MGM)
Gene Bertoncini "Evolution!" (Evolution)
Mike Elliott "Diffusion" (PAUSA)
Isotope "Illusion" (Gull)


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    some recent acquisitions:

    the three 7" came in a batch of about 20 I picked up, all three are

    and the Wilson das Neves I got by giving up a few Beatles records (I think I'll be fine without them) plus a bit of cash:

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