Let's once and for all solve the mystery of KMD-Humrush humming sample and piano

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Man I'm getting old, I could of sworn they sampled that off one of the many Sesame Street kids records I had growing up, but now I'm thinking they may have just used samples from a taped episode of the tv show.
I don't have access to my Sesame Street wax in storage, but Youtube has a lot of the albums. For some reason I thought it was the one with Ernie at the piano, fyi produced by the legendary David Axelrod RIP. There's also one with a green cover called "Side by Side" I remember. 

Humrush gives clues "Bert- an empty space..... a perfect place to practice the exciting art of humming"


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    I only ever picked up one Sesame Street lp for a drum break, and the Humrush sample wasn't on it. Maybe your VHS theory is right?
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