Golden Era

Was there a golden era for digging? I ask because I am assuming pre internet most of these record stores were in the dark about what they had in stock? Now in the Internet era everyone can now price their stock according to eBay and discogs. Seems like you really have to find a hole in the wall to gamble on. 

Anyway, just something I was thinking about while out today digging. 


  • In my imagination (as someone who didn't live it), I picture it around '92. Old heads can correct me, but I definitely remember how uncool records were as a format at that point in my childhood, and hearing the story of JJ Whitefield from the German band Poets of Rhythm, on a digging trip to New Orleans in '92, passing up on a box of unplayed Salt - Hung Up 45s, bringing just 5 copies back to Europe... coming back the next year and the box had been dumped, have created my private mindgarden picture of that era...

    Then again, by then, hip-hop sampling was well established, but I sorta feel like there weren't so many people digging for that kind of stuff who weren't actively using it for producing hip-hop at the time? Maybe not? But generally in the rap records of the time there wasn't a shitload of obscurity-worship going on with samples.

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    It depends on what you are (were) digging for. Beat-jacking LP's? Still good if you know how/where to look, or are at least very patient. Pre-internet, definitely a good time.

    Blues, Jazz, or Country 78's? The early 60's would have been the hayday.


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