Portland Maine

going to stay a little south of Portland for the next 5 days, looking for some suggestions for finding good records. I know Portland has plenty of stores but time is limited so if anybody has suggestions about spots that should be checked out (or avoided!) it would be greatly appreciated. I went last year as well and hit this spot in the city that was like a vintage clothing store mixed with a record shop that was alright, but thinking there has to be other places to find teh raer. Willing to travel a little so all suggestions are welcome, and if there are any dealers that are interested in selling I'm into that too. PM if you don't wanna post in here.

also open to food/other sugggestions as well. Last year I went to this biscuit spot in Biddeford almost daily that was great, likely doing that again, and we have reservations at Fore Street in Portland which is supposed to be really good, open to anything else!!
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