It's that time. Every weekend from 2001-2008 I hit the road in the morning and went to my favorite flea markets, random yard sales, record shops, estate sales, etc and spent $50-100 on used vinyl. Most of these records I would give a quick needle drop when I got home, only to stash away never break out again. 10s of thousands+++ of hip hop (80s/90s), funk, soul, jazz, rock, etc. Stuff I don't even remember I have. I'm afraid to even go through them for fear of weakening and wanting to keep too much! SO they're ALL GOING AT ONCE!

It's all for sale. If you've been a poster here for a while, I've posted a lot of my finds in the weekly finds posts back in the day.
They would need to be picked up (and not in a car, you'd need a truck/van!). You would need someone to help haha. (I'm not lol, that's why I'm selling these things. Sick of moving them)

Serious offers only. Cash only. Valued high 4 figure/5 figures. 
They are at my parent's house in Southeast Mass, 30 minutes away from me, so we would have to work out times to look at them.
If anyone can help spread the word for me I would greatly appreciate it!
Reynaldo82The Bizarre


  • I'll go with the four figures then instead of the five ;-)

  • RhythmGJRhythmGJ Buffalo, NY 215 Posts
    If no one bites on "the big one" and you decide to break it up by the piece, I'd love to hear what you have in Jazz (and Soul, Rock, or Reggae if any)...

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