AKIWAWA presents DJ FORMAT (UK) / 2nd Sept. / Kaschemme Basel (CH)

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DJ Format (UK)

DJ Pun & Rainer

Tonight is Kaschemme’s season opening and AKIWAWA is welcoming DJ Format from the UK, what a perfect timing. DJ Format doesn’t need much introduction, he’s a fantastic Rap DJ/Producer and is rocking the clubs around the globe with his bone breaking funky B-Boy sounds. He has a time consuming passion, that is hunting obscure funky 60/70s sounds, he’s always on the look-out for the next obscure and lesser known records. He’s not only searching for drum-breaks or samples, he simply loves these sounds, especially the psychedelic fuzz guitar tunes. This is one of the reasons that got him on the radar of the UK label BBE Records. In 2016 it released the awesome compilation „DJ Formats Psych Out (A Collection Of International Funky Fuzz Laiden Gems)“, containing 14 psychedelic obscurities from all over the globe, handpicked out of DJ Formats record shelfs.
He rarely presents these kinds of jewels from his immense record collection in one of his DJ-sets. Some of these tunes, find their way sampled on his brilliant productions of course. Well, tonight at AKIWAWA you’ll have the rare chance to hear him play these hidden gems. DJ Format is going to put the needle on whatever he wants, alongside DJ Pun & Rainer! From Soul, Funk to Breaks, Psych, Rock or Rap etc. everything is possible! One thing is for sure, he’ll pick only his most favourite and best records, quality first! So if you're in Basel, do not miss this chance.

Flyer by http://pix1.ch/

AKIWAWA… the bimonthly night run by DJ Pun (Unique) and Rainer (Konzeptlos)… raw, dusty & crackling – Soul, Funk, Island & African plates…



FB-Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1946100678944420/

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