• man this just proves that the world of high dollar records is not for the likes of me, even if I had the money.
    like, aside from the same crust that'd top a list like this 20 years ago: why psych? why? of all the genres... is this a genre that specifically appeals more strongly to rich guys? is there something about that genre that meant a lot of worthy records got a super limited release? feel free to school me, but it's almost a world of knowledge I don't even wanna breach. I just want some meters 45s that aren't thrashed.

  • foefoe Marina 173 Posts
    music for white 50 somethings?

  • RhythmGJRhythmGJ Buffalo, NY 199 Posts

    Hey! White 50-somethings need tunes too ya'know...


  • EIGHTYEIGHTY 224 Posts
    I would have copped the Bad Brains joint if I had the money to spend. I have only seen the reissue majority of the time and sellers are up on the value of an OG copy. I wonder how many first pressing were made?
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