Soulstrut random questions/stuff

Does anyone have the link to the juke joint DJ in Mississippi (I think) playing this song?

What's the deal with that record called Identical with the two twin ladies on it? Is it any good? What's the actual name? I can't find it on discogs.

I'm going to Johnny Paycheck's store Good Records saturday the 10th. I know he doesn't poast anymore but I hope I can say what's up. It will be my first time in NYC

I still like this place


  • DORDOR Two Ron Toe 9,799 Posts
    Come Back... I'm guessing the OG thread on here has long been lost. Shame.

    Enjoy NYC. How long you going for?

  • jjfad027jjfad027 1,594 Posts
    Only a couple days for a wedding but we hope to cram a lot in.
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