Yacht rock is the new "celebrate" and "we are family"

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Wedding guests at the "cool" weddings I DJ at (I play funk and soul records) are too cool to ask for stuff like "celebrate" and "we are family" (with good reason)...  so now they request Yacht Rock.  

I understand that the next level denizens of soulstrut and waxidermy are post-ironic lovers of AOR and whatnot (y'all get a pass on account of I know you got Expedits full of dope shight), so this might be the wrong place to complain, but what the hell?

P.S. Can this dude in boat shoes really ask for it by the ironic genre name like he's above it or something? Or is he not being ironic (fuck ironic music requests, request a thing that you would consider quality music instead) and he's just all about yachts.


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    Yacht is slowly gaining presence in the most basic of public eyes.  I recently found myself in the same room as an at-work Danny Rampling and was pleasantly surprised to hear "Ride Like The Wind" up in tharrr.  All zeitgeists aside, there are some bangers in the genre.  And they could have asked for much worse.  I wouldn't be madd at "We Are Family", it's a great tune regardless of the cheese of the particular situation.

    I guess weddings are hard gigs to turn away requests.  Folks ain't turning up for the music.  Pop a cold one and laugh at the dancing?

  • deezleedeezlee 295 Posts
    It's all gravy, the dude last wedding was loving (liking?) the stuff I was playing so it was no biggie. I don't have to worry about requests much, my clients like me to just bring records that I/they wanna hear so I leave the true cheese at home. 
    I can satiate the mainstream partygoers with some prince or mj, or hopefully all of the hip hop and R&b sampled funk and soul songs will make em comfy. 

  • deezleedeezlee 295 Posts
    Plus my "little-guy-who-loves-to-play-sampled-songs" lane has me bringing the odd hall n oats or Micheal McDonald 45 anyways so I've got something for them. 

  • trzakhstantrzakhstan IA 198 Posts
    Yeah, I noticed some of my middle aged non-music-snob types getting into the channel on Pandora or other streaming sites in the past couple years.
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