Non hipster reissues... Huh?

So jukebox record companies are quietly reissuing stuff no big deal it's what they always did I guess?

get yer biggie/total, Lee field, new birth 45s for $3 new. 

More like this?
i know that "collectibles" company will press anything from their catalog if you order enough. Is this the same company but using original label art?

New online digging wormhole for me!

please to educate


  • deezleedeezlee 295 Posts
    Y'all don't know nuthin bout this hustle. 

  • Yeah I don't quite get it, shit is bizarre, but then, I'm not sweating the stuff they have to offer. If they had stuff I was into I'd be pretty excited. What an odd find. Still, the more new 45s are treated not just as a deluxe hipster-only format for ten bucks+, the better.
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