Tips for removing center labels off of a record *and* keeping it intact?

So a family member gave me a gift of a clock made out of a record, where they carved out the numbers and some other etchings.  They used an Allmans Brother record, but I thinking of switching it up and putting on a label from one of the thrashed records I have lying around.  I know that DJs used to soak records to get the center labels off back in the day, but I doubt they actually cared to get it off intact.  Does anyone have any experience getting a center label off in one piece?


  • waxjunkywaxjunky 1,850 Posts
    I've never tried, but I would start with Zippo fluid.

  • i have scrubbed some labels off of old jungle records, but I have never had any success getting any off fully intact, doesn't the way it sticks to the album prevent it from coming off intact?

    the labels I have removed usually end up soaked/ripped to shit and not anything worth saving, I was kinda surprise at how hard it was to remove them, Bambaataa made that shit sound easy, lol
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