Where to BUY hip hop acapella .wav files?

i wanna buy the "tell me when to go" acapella full quality digital. 
I have the 12" but I need to officially purchase the file. 


  • seems like you need the hook up from that dj topcat dude... he seems to have every accapella available (<- that's an assumption on my part) and is often looking to do trades...I'd PM that dude, if I recall correctly he makes his own as well..

  • ketanketan Warmly booming riffs 2,554 Posts
    Seems like he has the ac on the 12 but needs to officially purchase it, for whatever reason. ??

  • Yeah I wanna get some one-off 45s cut in England. Copywrite law there says that if you can show that you purchased the song on any format then you can press it in a record. 

    Buying the wav seems like the most straight forward way to do it. 

    Thanks y'all. 

    I have a few copies of the 12"

  • djtopcatdjtopcat Seattle WA The 206 297 Posts
    Yeah I only have the vinyl rips of the regular and remix versions. I'll ask around though.
    As far as I know none of the cd single promos had pellas.
    What you probably want is the direct Pro Tools session aiff
    I think T.M.W.T.G was on Warner and they are expensive to license from. I would maybe ask someone in E-40's camp or one of the Bay area radio djs. Might be a few who lurk on here. 

  • Thanks for the info.  I'm fine with the sound quality of a vinyl rip, I just figured that a digital file would be easier to prove that I bought (and skip the step of trying to get a decent recording). 
    Yeah a cd version woulda been easiest if the sold em. 

  • Still too lazy/broke to get proper equipment to rip these myself. Anyone know where to get cd quality accapellas of "blow the whistle" and "tell me when to go"? 
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