Best Music of 2016

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For me it hasn't been a stellar year, and nothing really stood out as amazingly fresh and exciting, but if I had to pick one it would be Dream Takes by Luis on the excellent 1080p label:


A Tribe Called Quest... ?
Unable to hear this without downloading an app or iTunes (fuck that). Online stores that are selling it have no sound clips. Nothing but the one single on youtoob. WTF. It might be the album of the year, but if they're going to make it this fucking difficult to listen to before buying, I'll never know.


Phineus II - The Dreamcatcher EP

Quality, authentic oldskool Jungle sounds... and oldskool vinyl only!

Tourist - Run (Lil Silva remix)

Lush vibe on this, not been a huge fan of Lil Silva's grime influenced music for Night Slugs, but really enjoyed what he's done with this track.

Fracture - Makin' Hype Tracks

The man like Fracture knows how to make a banger. Oldskool flavour but still up to date.

Epoch - Glock Jump

Meditative trap dubstep hybrid.

Fantastic Man - Rhythm Algorithm

Balearic vibe, balearic video!

Iyer & Mushroom Buttons - Lotta Kush (unreleased  )

Really goes to work around the 2:00 minute mark. Love it.

What have I missed?
There have also been some great reissues this year (Skanna and early Photek).

EDIT: late additions

Taso - Bussin'

Overlook - Misty



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    Yes fam - Iyer & Mushroom Buttons  - Phineus II - that comes correct.  Pace and chords.  All there.

    The Tribe is good.  Worth having but not The Low End Theory.   But in 2016, the bar is very low for t3h hip hoppse.  This will be the highpoint.

    I nodded to some of this in 2016:


    Strut's own TomO also dropped a nice Headhunterish set:

    The Rakei youth also dropped "Cloak" which has some deep vibes: rakei

    I have gotten back on the bass big time in the last 6 months so it's also been a lot of jam-along soulful house like this:

    Line up a Tequilas for man in Barca.

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    Album of the year for me is Maajo - Tropic of Tulli

    very good from beginning to end.

    Unfortunatly there are just a few song from the album on youtube

  • I've had a lot of fun listening to this album this year

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    i find that steel band album really enjoyable, but not album of the year tho. i've been listening to it at work and it groves. i want more of this, just in rap music tho, kinda like this: 
    rap wise i liked that fiend tape with don canon and one or two nipsey hustle tapes. them are both more consistent than tribe.

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    I probably listened to Anderson Paak- Malibu LP more than anything.

    I also really liked Frank Oceans stuff and Childish Gambino's Funkdelic tribute

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    For me 

    Anderson Paak

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    Still playing catch up on a couple of albums (including Solange) but, from those I have heard... 

    The Frank Ocean just gets better and better,  really something very special. 

    Other albums it seems I listened to most in 2016 were: 

    Nick Cave - Skeleton Tree - miserable and beautiful in equal amounts. 

    Sophia Loizou - Singulacra - post whatever dance music which sounds amazing on a good system. 

    A lot of good stuff on Dream catalogue. 

    And late discovery The Nag's Head - Gluud and Scruud which is amazing.

    I.bought into the Tribe hype but it tails off very quickly after the first couple of tracks and is not up to previous albums. 
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