Custom Crossfader - Work Phone b/w Music

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I've been at my job for 14 years, with headphones almost the whole time. My manager is also my arch nemesis, and I made the mistake of telling him how music and riding motorcycles to work keeps me happy. So, at the next shop meeting, what are the only two agenda items? No more motorcycles parked out front in the motorcycle parking, and no more headphones for music. I accept that this is my life. I like my job for many other reasons. But, there was one caveat on the headphones issue. Work phone headsets for talking on the phone are ok. So, the DJ in me wants to build a crossfader type assembly that I can play music through my work phone headset, and fade over to work phone when it rings. Maybe with a little music still in it.

Is anyone savvy with how to do this? I can solder. My work phone has a 2.5mm out. I can get a headset with either a 2.5mm or 3.5mm in. Is this possible? Will the talk function still be able to feed back through the fader and into the phone? I'd really like to make something work if anyone has any ideas. I can bring a mixer to work and put it on my desk, but I'd like to build a less conspicuous box. Thanks in advance. 


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