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    I have every sympathy with Sanchez and Ox. Probably other players want out. Without going all fam and blud, Wenger needs to go... the cup final victory would've been a good point to take a role upstairs.

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    They are not a bad team, just missing that spark.  Cesc and Alexis would have been killer.  I think Wenger didn't want to open the wallet/failed to pull enough "Marquee" signings and that has put the writing on the wall in the days of social media opinion/number of followers having sway on Real Life.  He can hold his head high.

    I am not sure Sanchez will be a bigger fish in the City pond, overloaded with midfielders already (Pep just can't get enough) but as proven finisher, maybe he'll help to unlock the bus parking/counterstrike game that most sides adopt.  It's been the same story of 70% possession but not enough goals to show for it.  I think having good players out wide now will help to at least get the oppositon to shuffle the bus back and forth and that might leave enough exposure for someone to see a shot down the middle.

    It's been like watching an expert table-football player trying to cue up a Death Star torpedo lately.

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    No! Let that EPL shit die

    Championship, batches...
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