I gone done a mix for Dublab

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Recent digs from the Caribbean, Angola, Cabo Verde, Brazil & Latin America


and the d/l 


  • Listened to this while making dinner tonight, perfect for the hottest day of the UK year. Great stuff. 

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    Dope mix!

    What's the track that starts around 1:18:20? Monster tune.

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    algum no ar - marcello.. i tried to do a tracklist last night after a BBQ & lots of beers, unfortunatly a couple weeks after i did mix so some of the records slipped back into the vortex and couldnt located them but most are there.,

    roland alphonso -a shot in the dark
    roland alphonso - nuclear weapon
    cyril diaz - taboo or voodoo?
    salah ragab - tribute to sun ra - re 45
    alphonso et son orchestre typique antillais - calpyso de l'elephant
    duke of iron - clear de road
    cyril diaz - mme killio
    not telling
    joby valente - disque la raye - few stock copies of thie floating around
    noriek viela  - can't find the 45, on copocabana
    trio nordestino - procurando tu - cbs 45
    luiz gonzaga - can't find, album cut
    ze de norte - a fabrica  -mondo obscuro 45
    cant find
    jackson de pandeiro - capaoeiro mata um
    jair rodriquez - bahia de todos os deuses - next cut to elza soares
    urbano de castro - carnaval de chegou - sorry bout the skip
    urbano de castro - fatimita - raro 45, think re on analogue africa
    kalu e o seu conjunto - flor-formosa
    bana - the 'I sea bass' song, can't find 45
    bana - cartagena -
    la sabrosura - san pacho
    can't find - ask fred kramer
    joe di roma - la gitana
    secret weapon
    isaac villanueva - pim pom
     soul makossa - italian studio version can't find
     marcelo - algums na ar - 1 tracker album cut
     evaolucao africa - trad - voz do cabo verde 45
     voz de cabo verde - nova coladera
     americo - babylon - s/t album cut
     os tubaroes - largan largan
     semba - zinha
     nowhere to be found
     kola - lameirao - from s/t album all killer
      rui morais - rumba n'gongo - n'gola 45
      evolucao africa - so pensa nela  - voz de cabo verde 45
      bana - mas que nada
      JPT - el manisero -  goodnight

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