banging mix alert - DJ Format "Psych Out"

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Fire! all international psych/breaks mix
this dude never fails


  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,369 Posts
    It's also available as an unmixed comp. Never heard any of the tracks, but digging the clips I've peeped.

  • kicks79kicks79 1,320 Posts
    I always liked the dudes production and mixes. 
    Just was never a fan of most of the rappers he worked with.

  • the_dLthe_dL 1,531 Posts
    kicks79 said:
    I always liked the dudes production and mixes. 
    Just was never a fan of most of the rappers he worked with.

  • I liked his last album The Foremost with our very own Phill Most Chill by far the most, followed by one he did with Sureshot La Rock. The earlier ones with Abdominal and D-Sisive don't hold up as well. But his mixes are always brilliant and right up my alley. The guy has a great ear for a sample and for a mix.

  • Had him up to play and dig recently, sadly i had to duck out during his set in the club, but the tunes he was playing beforehand to me were all totally amazingly weird stuff i had never heard before. 

    Took him to a big record warehouse and he just started hunting the moment we got there until he had to catch his flight pretty much. 

    He actually pulled more stuff out for me than he ended up buying himself, but he is extremely picky about what he buys it seems. 

    All in all, a complete gent and one of the best 7" djs i have ever seen. 

    This comp/mix is dope too, i hope he agrees to do a part 2 because he had enough stuff in his box alone to make a complete facemelter. 

  • Word. I remember when Dave Paul dropped the second Return of the DJ comp.  It said Format was from Southampton and I'd just moved there to do a Film Degree. Tried to hunt down the dude with a few friends only to discover that he'd bounced to Brighton. No disrespect to Le God, but Format was pretty much the best thing about Southampton to me at that present moment

  • Man! I grew up nerding out on those Return of the DJ/Turntables by the Bay/Pirate Fuckin' Radio/Shiggar Fraggar comps, but the ROTDJ series was always the OG for me and Check the Format still holds up as a cut-n-paste DJ showcase track (that one and the ridiculously fast DJ Jeff track). Guy seems really down to earth too, with a great ear for hard drums and good music in general.

    Apparently he's done a new album with Abs coming out imminently, which I will as always be checking. His production is always on point. In 2003 I heard his first album playing at Groove Merchant and bought it, and wore it OUT. It never left my car that summer to the point where I lost my ENTIRE CD case/collection binder thing cause I no longer was regularly switching out discs to listen to and just lost track of it. 

  • Aw, seriously - Jeff is still the man. 1980s speed beats with cuts to match - he's still killing it on that tip!

    Word to Format - I've never met him myself, but have never heard a bad word about the dude. He's crazily meticulous on the dig front - goes through specific eras, countries and genres methodically, or definitely used to, plus his production is always on point. The new album is out next month, if I remember correctly. The couple of tracks I've heard from it are sounding tight.
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