Live performances you wish you were there for

not a song I'd expect to be enhanced by a 9 minute version but this just drives home how tight the band was and what a showman Toots is... 

what you got?


  • bassie2bassie2 56 Posts
    Too many if I list all the 60s and 70s artists that have passed and 80s artists I was too young for in their prime (specifically, reggae and dancehall)
    But off the top of my head:
    Zaire 74
    Aretha at the Filmore West
    Monk's come back at the Five Spot
    Bill Withers at Carnegie Hall
    Joy Division - Moonlight Club
    Joy Division - Birmingham University
    Hawkwind Space Ritual tour

  • Yeah! Zaire 74 is a good call, and pretty much everybody at the fillmore west for like a decade straight.

    I'd kill to have seen JB in Dallas August '68, the "Say It Live and Loud" show where everything is about 140bpm.

  • DORDOR Two Ron Toe 9,842 Posts
    Yeah. Way to many to count. The ones that always come to the top of my mind are

    I would have loved to catch a Specials show in the early 80's.


  • JimsterJimster Twilight Zone/ Al Capone/ Rolling Stone/ Eva Perón 6,412 Posts

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