Hello. Update. This is a Test.



  • DORDOR Two Ron Toe 9,869 Posts
    I hit keys on here.

  • Lol. For real. Freeze up city over here.

    peace, stein...

  • Scuba SteveScuba Steve @steveislikewoah 39 Posts
    10-15 year lurker...  Got away from music for a couple years.  I got my life together and it feels really good to be excited by music again.  I just had to give up on hip hop I guess. 

    Ive gained tons of knowledge and had many lol moments over the years, bought NZ's book many moons ago... those threads are the highlight of soul strut for me. 

    Im going to try and be more involved, this site needs to survive for the children.

  • dukeofdelridgedukeofdelridge urgent.monkey.mice 2,441 Posts

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