Band name and track?

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  • go4vinylgo4vinyl USA 91 Posts
    The mystery has been solved.

  • para11axpara11ax No-style-havin' mf'er 376 Posts
    Oh, thank teh god!

    I haven't been able to sleep well for WEEKS because I need to know what that song is. 

    How in the Dickens did you slove teh mystery?

    What is teh song? I need to know.


  • go4vinylgo4vinyl USA 91 Posts

    As I was digging thru my records from my record collection I played back the lp that I haven't listened to in a while on my turntable listened to both tracks that I uploaded. After listening to both tracks I was able to confirm and solve the mystery.

    Shamrock Self Titled Blake Company Records/Album World 14049 1977 USA Pressing. Tax Scam Label Lp.

    Tracks: Gypsy

    Tracks: Midnight

  • para11axpara11ax No-style-havin' mf'er 376 Posts
    I have this record, and I think THIS is the best cut on it....

  • go4vinylgo4vinyl USA 91 Posts

    I like track 2 from side b Its' s Not Forever.

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