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Hello everyone,

I have a record store in Jerusalem in Israel. A guy just bought some records and recommended that I check out this website.
Do you know in which other I can advertise my store so people who come to visit Jerusalem from abroad know where to find it?

Of course I'd be happy to see you guys if you happen to be around!

Kind regards,

The store is named Gali Taklitim, and the address is Dorot Rishonim 9 in Jerusalem.
Phone number +972 50 8347675



  • Danno3000Danno3000 2,847 Posts
    Why is that Israeli dealers seem to have hyper inflate the prices of their records?  Everytime Rimona Francis pops up in eBay, it's an Israeli asking $600 or something ridiculous.  

    Can you sell me the 14 Octaves LP?  I need that bad.
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