Thousands of super rare and not so rare records for sale

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This email was sent to me:

Hi RAJ I'm not a spring chicken any more [I'm 70+] and have been collecting and dealing in vinyl for over 45 years. Now I have to shift the bulk of my collection before I drop off the perch. I'm doing set sale lists of 45s & LPs initially, in addition, I'll be selling some of the rarer items on Ebay. If you know anyone who might be interested, please have them contact me at above email address. I have UK & US 45s / LPs / 78s / CDs / Cassettes / 8 tracks, including Soul, Blues, Hillbilly, Jazz, Rock'nRoll, Doo-wop, Pop, Punk, New Wave, Cajun, Country etc etc. Prices are realistic and bulk discounts can be negotiated!

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