Oujia Board

Did anyone ever use it? Ever a reapercussion? 
DJ Swamp did the slipmatts with Oujia on it. I wonder if he ever did.
Does anyone have a Ouija story?
I like the design but i am too scared to use them.


  • KineticKinetic 3,739 Posts
    I believe in that shit as much as I believe that eating my crusts will make my hair curly

  • - Back when, my friends and I paid money to see the ouija-based Witchboard the day it came out. To the extent that the totally forgettable movie made any impression on us at all (not counting the temporarily indelible image of peak-period Tawny Kitaen [hold your head, David Coverdale]), it was that for months afterward "dismissing the spirit" became our private slang for taking a piss. 

    - In high school I went to some largely bunk Halloween party (the punch had a pretty high illicit-Wild-Irish-Rose quotient, so at least there was that) where some kids were fucking around with a ouija board. The hostess kept drifting around the group and saying all kinds of fishing, melodramatic shit like, "Oh, I'd like to play weejee board with y'all, but I swore to my self that I wouldn't...after what happened last time...I just...it was...I really can't even talk about it..." None of us took the bait, so I never found out what happened last time, but I do know that what happened that time was that I ended up borrowing/stealing her Stone Roses cassette out of an unsecured Caboodle in the back room. Sorry, Robin.  

    - Off the top, I can only think of two songs that mention ouija boards. One is by Morrissey and the other is by Jay-Z. That's kinda ill.
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