Dirt Style Records?

Does anyone have any of the good dirt style records digitzed? I've been dragging along my beat up copies of super seal and heehaw for years but I figure I either record the cuts I like myself or see if anyone has already done it?



  • caicai spacecho 362 Posts

    There's heaps for sale over at http://www.thudrumble.com/collections/dirtstyle. Really cheap too!

  • CBearCBear 902 Posts
    These were staples in my collection for a long time. I guess I wouldn't occur to me to have them in digital format.

    I have tons of related turntablism stuff, but no digitized dirt style. 

  • dj_cityboydj_cityboy 1,436 Posts
    yeah I could go for some digitized dirtstyle records as well... I am placing an order on thudrumble for some "new" copies of what I currently have to replace some of my worn records, but if anyone has any of them digitized it would save lots of time. I cant be bothered to buy vinyl and mp3's from the site
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