LA cop says Diddy had 2Pac bumped off, Suge ordered Biggie hit, plausible?

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This isn't anything new, but it wouldn't surprise me at all. Hip hop record business is shady as fuck!
I never believed the gang retaliation story for 2pac murder. There's more to it than that.
Thoughts? ;


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    page is gone now

  • Murder Rap definitely touches the truth.

  • In this recently released song, the game says that 2pac's killer "died at the car wash". Orlando was killed in a shootout at a car wash.

    In this interview, the game confirms that Biggie and Puffy knew Orlando:

    The story basically goes that Pac and particularly Suge were out to get Puffy when he came to LA. In retaliation, Diddy offered Orlando and his gang 1 mill. to kill Pac and Suge. Moreover, Puffy also put a bounty on the Death Row chains. And a guy named Travon Lane who was affiliated with death row supposedly had his death row chain snatched by Orlando at a mall in Compton. When Travon Lane spotted Orlando at the MGM, he notified 2pac, and they immediately jumped Orlando. This story has been confirmed by DJ QUik in several interviews:

    MC Eith talking about it:

    In the end, it seems that Suge was also getting tired of being blamed for the murder of 2pac so in his own strange ways, he started revealing that it was Puffy. 

    So the killings of 2pac and Biggie happened as a consequence of two beefs that merged. On the one hand, Bad Boy vs. Death Row, and on the other hand, Mob Piru vs. South Side Crips.
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