Etta James seven inch unknown pressing Cadet records- Help :)

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Hi all.

I have a question about an Etta James seven inch I bought on a flea-market in a generic sleeve.
It's "I'd Rather Go Blind / Tell Mama" on Cadet Records.

The first thing I noticed was that the A-side is "I'd Rather Go Blind" and the B-side is "Tell Mama". On Discogs I couldn't find a pressing that had the songs in this order. Every single pressing has "Tell Mama" as the A-side.

My pressing wasn't on there. The second thing I noticed was that the round "Cadet"-label on the vinyl is black on my copy with the text in silver/white. Now, I knew that "Cadet" and "Chess" and "Argo" had a lot to do with eachother, and if you look at the list of pressings of this 45 known at Discogs ( you see that both Chess and Cadet released the single. But the colours of the round Cadet Label on the vinyl is never black. So I looked up the history of the colours on the label and even in the official litterature on the label, the colour black (with white logo) isn't there. So now I'm wondering if my copy is an unofficial pressing, or if there was a short period of time that black labels were printed by the Cadet-label. Here's a link to my copy (which for some reason won't show up when you search for "Etta James I'd Rather Go Blind" on Discogs.):

Can anyone tell me where this was pressed, what the history is and maybe tell me what it's worth?

Kind regards,



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    No idea but I have black label Cadet and Chess singles (one of each) which I think are 80s boots and just have a central spindle hole, not the cut outs

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    What country did you find it in? Most likely from that country.

    I'd Rather Go Blind is the A side for people who know Rod Stewart and just discovered Etta James.

    What a great double sided record. I doubt any pressing is worth much, so just enjoy it.

  • So that's different from this one then. This has the cut out. 
    Thanks for thinking with me

  • I found it in the Netherlands.

    I know it's far from obscure (the song that is, loved how you put it), but I keep on scratching my head over this.


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    It's a European pressing but I'm not sure where from.  The SCT 6 catalog number is weird.  If you can find search hits for SCT 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, maybe that will give you the country? Maybe scandinavian?  Not Dutch I don't think since their stuff used Chess instead of Cadet.  Italy used Cadet but this is different to the Italian one.

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    could be a later UK variant

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