Mix software for making mixes from MP3s?

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I need to make some quick mixes from MP3s and wanted to do some blending between songs. My mixer is on the fritz. I have Audacity and I can make mixes that way, but maybe there's easier software out there? Is anyone using anything they are happy with that's either free or worth the investment for a hobbyist? Oh, I'm on apple/mac platform btw. 


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    if you just want to do some simple blends, go with audacity, especially if you are already familiar with it. You could also go with Adobe Audition, but that will make you pay big bucks.
    If you are more into the complex layering of tracks and mastering the mix then go with any of the big DAWs (Cubase, Abelton, Pro Tools...). Might be overkill, though.

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    Thanks for that. I saw a lot "DJ software" options in google and didn't know if any of them were any good. I'll head to Audacity. Thanks!

  • Audacity has served me fine for years, Ive done a handful of mixes on it that Im pleased with.
    The thing is I find it a bit clunky, it might be just the way Im using it though.
    Ive recently started using Ableton, and I find this a nicer experience,  I turn all the automation stuff off and use it like I would Audacity. I find my workflow and general enjoyment of making mixes to be much better that when I used Audacity, things just seem to flow better, but then Audacity is free and Ableton expensive.

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