Clarence Reid in hospice care..

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Sad news

"Dear Blowfly and Clarence Reid fans. It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that Clarence has Terminal Liver cancer and multiple organ failure. He entered hospice care today. 


If you would like to express your love and admiration to Blowfly, you may send cards/letters/photos/art to him via mail at:
Florida Medical Center ATTN: Patient Clarence Reid Room 355. 5000 Oakland Park Boulevard, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida 33313.

Clarence has always been a visual person and photos/art would be most appreciated. Clarence also was interested in having a full list of every sample that's been done on songs he wrote and performed. If you're up for taking a run at that, you may message me here on this page.

Please know that Clarence is being made comfortable and that his sister Virginia has stood tall for him, and taken care of her brother as best as humanly possible. Please say a prayer for her and for Clarence Reid, the Maestro of the Miami Sound who loved being Blowfly - the King of the Freaks

Tom Bowker
Blowfly Music"


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    god damn. wish him a peaceful transition.

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    ketan said:
    god damn. wish him a peaceful transition.

    Very sorry to hear this, this year hasn't been the most positive so far.

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    I am sad to hear that Mr. Reid is gravely ill.  His music is some of the early records I picked up when I got serious about collecting.  Here is one of my favorites that I featured on my "Slow and Funky" mix a few years ago:

    Stay strong, Mr. Reid, and thanks for your great songs as both an artist and writer.  Your impact on music is greatly appreciated.


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

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    Junior said:

    god damn. wish him a peaceful transition.
    2016-year of the bummer
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