I have Brazilian tradez

Thinning down the collection- a whole bunch of Brazilian trades are available;

Impacto Cinco, Som Nosso, Os Selvagems, Jorge Ben, Ed Maciel, Tom e Dito, Luiz Gonzaga Jr and a whole bunch more. Also some breaks from various different countries

Full list is here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/danradclyffe/profile?sort=price,desc

Also can trade these cheaper records


looking to trade for:

African music (up to '77, no disco/80s)
South American (esp. Argentina)
Jazz (up to '72, no fusion)
Gil Scott Heron
Dub (Lee Perry, A Pablo, King Tubby)
Soft Prog (Kevin Ayers, Canterbury etc)
Dorothy Ashby
Grant Green
Dr John
Rare Yacht/AOR/AM Gold

Hit meh: dan@utters.co.uk

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