Survey in concerns for a new Record Organizer

I am in need of a survey answered on how the majority of the vinyl community would appreciate a new Vinyl Organizer that's portable, built for protection, small and out of the way, prevents damage to the art sleeves and can be organized by protective dividers.

The link for the 10 question survey is located right here and would me much help in furthering my teams development into this project

Thank you for your time

PS: this is not a scam, this is not a bot, this is nothing more than an engineering project in a high school that needs further evidence of need before the actual engineering process takes effect.



  • Most people that need a portable carrier are djs.  When I DJ I constantly rearrange the records in my crate. I also use the picture sleeve to identify records quickly. I sorta doubt that I would want a portable organizer but I'm curious to see what y'all come up with. 
    Keep us posted!

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