DJ Kool Breez - Break Fest Vol. 1 (2009)

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DJ Kool Breez - Break Fest Vol. 1 (2009)

DJ Kool Breez is a fixture in the Baltimore digging scene unearthing hip hop samples, drum breaks, funk, and interesting tid bits from every nook and cranny of every thrift store, antique mall, storage space, gym locker. This was originally added to Soul Strut in 2009 and it’s damn good!

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  • Dope beats

  • ...

  • i love most your mixes, but you really ruined this one by the incessant obtrusive scratching and the constant cutting short of the most sick beats...that's usually a sweet tactic live, or when explicitly seeking out turntablism mixes that intentionally play games with the listener, but on soul strut u should maybe maximize the plate for those seeking to feast on the beats and sources to listen to casually mang...i dont knock hiding the song listings as a means to keep shit real but i at least want to actually hear the 'mixes' of the songs in their entirety or 80%......anyways, just figured id chime in but chimes are usually just faint noise in the wind...

  • I disagree I think this mix rules.
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