Anyone know the name of this Doo Wop sample?

djtopcatdjtopcat Seattle WA The 206 312 Posts
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I know I've heard it before somewhere Platters,Drifters,Flamingoes??
They pitched it down a bit. Sounds like Get out of my life drums too.



  • para11axpara11ax No-style-havin' mf'er 396 Posts
    Dope tune!  

    What is it?

  • djtopcatdjtopcat Seattle WA The 206 312 Posts
    I have no clue, it doesn't say in the video. Sounds like something DJ Signify might do? 

  • Not only do I not know the sample, I also wanna know who sampled dot com (like literally 100 percent of the youtube commenters)

  • UnherdUnherd 1,880 Posts
    Cool track, annoying they haven't responded to All The Commenters 
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