Cullen Knight - "Looking Up" - Private Jazz Funk

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 For those that know, this is an amazing jazz album, with latin and african flourishes. The album is all original tunes from Cullen Knight, and Leon Mitchell. Personnel on the album is: Cullen Knight, trumpet/fluegel horn; Kenny Barron, Electric Piano; Monnette Sudler, guitar; Charles Fanbrough, Bass; Bobby Durham, Drums/Latin Percussion; Bootsie Barns, tenor; Fred Joiner, Trombone; Jimmy Batton, Electric Piano; Gerald Smith, Guitar; Kenny Davis, Electric Bass; Newman Baker, drums; Ed Watkins, Latin percussions; Leon Mitchell, Composer 

Aside from the ground breaking cover art (for 1978) the music is beautifully produced and a great addition to any jazz collection. 

Track Listing:

Side I:

Once You Get It (7:38)
Once You Fall In Love (7:21)
A'Keem (Brothers) (5:30)

Side II:

Lookin Up (8:34)
Pshalom (5:05)
Here Comes Billy (4:50)


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