Wilton Felder R.I.P.

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One of the most soulful on sax and bass.

Damn shame.


  • RAJRAJ tenacious local 7,760 Posts
    Always a shame to see these talents go.

    Here's a related Joe Sample thread:


  • batmonbatmon 27,574 Posts
    J i m s t e r said:
    One of the most soulful on sax and bass.

    Damn shame.

    My shit....RIP

  • HarveyCanalHarveyCanal "a distraction from my main thesis." 13,234 Posts

  • damn, rip. he was such a major talent.

  • SPlDEYSPlDEY Vegas 3,375 Posts
    Sounds like he could've given Jamerson a run for his money.

  • damn. sad news. i loved the way he played. really one of the best to ever do it

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    HarveyCanal said:

    The above song is a great example of his work. I will miss Mr. Felder's playing as I have many recording upon which he is featured (Crusaders or otherwise). It's sad to see the musical heroes from my coming-of-age era dying. Nonetheless, they have left an indelible imprint on the musical world that will last forever. RIP, Mr. Felder.


    Big Stacks from Kakalak
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