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Great to see it back! I lost a shitload of good stuff last year, so this will be a welcome return to listening to new stuffs on teh iPods. I will contribute as much as my currently limited stash allows!



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    Question ... What are you looking for?

  • YASSSS. Very happy to see this resurrected. Will set some stuff up for sharing very soon!

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    I promise to contribute once I get my shit in order. Not currently set up to record from my TT, but hopefully I can go over to a friend's place and record some shit at some point.

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    RAJ said:
    Question ... What are you looking for?

    good psych would be great! I'm very inexperienced when it comes to psych, so even the classics and staples would be highly appreciated.

  • Nice! I just finished re-organzing/formatting our iTunes library and re-discovered a bunch of 90s rap albums I forgot I had ripped.

    What sharing service is the preferred one?

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    prof_rockwell said:

    What sharing service is the preferred one?

    I use dropbox.

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    RAJ said:
    Question ... What are you looking for?

    Need to rebuild the collection generally, so I'm open to everything from soul/rock/hip hop staples to anything interesting. Could use some good reggae/dub to bump in the ride as well.


  • Should someone establish some set of standards for uploads?
    They don't 100% have to be followed, but at least a preferred bit-rate, naming pattern, upload location, etc.

    I'm not too picky and happy to hear some good stuff, just was thinking about what I should rip and upload and then thought about how I ought to do it...

  • I would recommend anyone grabbing Dropbox hosted files off Raj's account get a free 5GB dropbox account themselves. You can copy his shared file to your own dropbox account, which is instantaneous. I think it also means when you download it locally, you aren't downloading against his account which might help reduce some of the traffic against it.

    Also, thanks again Raj. What you are doing is greatly appreciated.
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