R.I.P. Mixes

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I remember coming on the strut the day after James Brown passed and someone posted an amazing mix spanning pretty much his whole career and i remember thinking this was pretty much the most crucial JB mix i had ever heard. After a quick search i havent been able to find it. I bet Raj has it stashed away somewhere. Anyway Ive been working with a few younger cats who are starting to show interest in a few soul greats i have been playing at work and it got me thinking of mixes that go much deeper than the generic best of's that are out there. So please share what you consider must listen to mixes of groundbreaking artists. Curtis is one id really like to have a be all end all mix of to not only to educate myself, as i learned tons from that JB mix, but some of these younger people who i realize know close to nothing about these artists.


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