2015 MLB Thread

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(I didn't see one yet)

Mariners now have offense and no pitching.
Royals want to fight everyone.
Marlins still suck.

What's good!? What's new? Rep yo shit!


  • RockadelicRockadelic Out Digging 13,993 Posts
    Baseball is dead....Chris Rock said so.

  • billbradleybillbradley You want BBQ sauce? Get the fuck out of my house. 2,592 Posts
    I went to see The Royals vs Astros in Houston for an exposition game the day before opening day. That was the first game that I had been to in years.

    The game wasn't that great, but a foul ball landed right in front of me. That's never happened to me at a game before.

  • rain103rain103 476 Posts
    billbradley said:


  • LaserWolfLaserWolf Portland Oregon 11,518 Posts
    Go Os!

  • Rockadelic said:
    Baseball is dead....Chris Rock said so.

    He should make a movie about that. I'm sure it would do well.

  • Jonny_PaycheckJonny_Paycheck 17,825 Posts
    After the semi-annual Billy Beane Fire Sale (everything must go!) the A's appear to be solidly mediocre. Maybe this is the year I reluctantly start half-following the Mets...

  • rain103rain103 476 Posts
    I'm still trying to figure out if the Astro's and Mets are legit...

    My Mariners finally have some offense and now they can't seem to pitch! They're letting it all go to waste. I swear they find thee most disheartening ways to lose, it's an artform. Just when you think you've seen them lose in every way possible they find a way to surprise you.

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  • LaserWolfLaserWolf Portland Oregon 11,518 Posts
    I now can watch every mlb game.
    But I don't even have time to sit through a whole Os game.
    The Os have slipped below 500 and wild card prospects are starting to look dim.
    Naturally, I think they still have a chance to win out and clinch the pennant.
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