So the Amen Break has a gofundme page..

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Some guy decided to set up a donation page to pay back a little to the guy behind The Winstons and the famous Amen break.

Unfortunately the drummer Gregory Coleman died several years ago, the lead singer and arranger of the song, Richard L Spencer seems to be the beneficiary of the charitable collection, although there's is talk of trying to pass some of it on to family of Coleman. Thanks to retweets by Goldie and features in Rolling Stone they've raise over £12,000 in 5 days.


  • kalakala 3,361 Posts
    the uk drum and bass/jungle/idm mafia has a lot to answer for in this case as do many US hip hop producers
    i wonder how much WARP has donated to this

  • LokoOneLokoOne 1,823 Posts
    Give the drummer some...

  • DB_CooperDB_Cooper Manhatin' 7,823 Posts
    I just hope they don't pay those dudes in glowsticks and molly.
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