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    Duderonomy said:
    waximilien said:
    Easy all. Been a while since I was around these parts. I never got enough RAERS to make the grade, it always felt like. Nice to see some conversations about cutting. Can't let this post go by without a mention for the Holmes, Jon 1st, who dropped this video a few days ago:


    Yeah, that was impressive.

  • Like I said, I like Craze and have been watching him since he won his first DMC back in the day, I just thought it was funny that he was calling out 'button pushers' and then proceeded to do a set that was heavy on the button pushing.

    I have no problems with using digital equipment at all, I think it's great and was exactly what 'turntablists' needed in order to keep the scratching scene fresh.

    This is also pretty cool:

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