Are DVDs done?



  • pcmr said:

    i hate bluray because the perfect image ruins the movies feel for me

    if the transfer is done properly, blu ray provides the most accurate picture to the original source material.
    maybe this perfect image you're referring to is a heavily DNRed transfer? that can happen, though not much anymore.

    i never buy movies anymore, but i will occasionally buy:
    rare dvds
    dvds unavailable on blu ray
    used cheap blu rays
    used criterion blu rays.

    for example i just threw down $140 for videodrome, 12 angry men, bottle rocket, and godzilla criterion blu rays, the OOP 9 film Kubrick blu ray collection, and the new Woodstock Revisited blu ray. that's the most i've ever spent in one fucking trip.

    Kubrick is my all time fave, so i kinda needed that, and i'll flip the Woodstock after i watch it. i really want to see the 3 hours of extra performances or whatever.

  • JuniorJunior 4,853 Posts
    kala said:

    left wondering if they move well on ebay as i haven't looked at finished sales

    As someone who just offloaded around 1000 dvds I can report that it's a sad nope. Too many people flooding the market with crazy cheap dvds so that even some of the more rare stuff doesn't go for much. Even taking into account that my ex took a lot of the stuff worth a fair bit (Hong Kong Legends, Tartan Asia etc, it really is not a sellers market at the moment.

    Having said that, the money was second to not having a room stacked full of films (and extras) I had no interest in ever watching again. Stripped down to thirty or so favourites and much happier. I would actually imagine the VHS market to be the one that will take off, just because of the amount of random stuff that never made the digital leap. The DVDs I had worth money were mainly ones with great extras rather than the films themselves.

  • FrankFrank 2,370 Posts
    We watch 8-12 movies on a rainy season weekend and the local rental places that carry US releases are not only stupid expensive but the new shits are always out. Then they started renting out what they called "ultra violet", basically burned DVDs that have lesser quality, no subtitles etc. Another thing that really pissed me off royally was that many new DVDs force you to sit through internet piracy jail threats and loads of unnerving trailers without giving you the option to bypass that shit and go straight to the menu. At one point I got so fed up I decided these fuckers made their last penny with me, bought a designated download laptop that I don't care if it get viruses and now we steal everything online. My eyesight and our 2nd gen flatscreen both don't need anything above 720 resolution and you can easily find all new movies in 720 or better weeks before the DVD release. DVDs? Good riddance.
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