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Hi Everyone-

I'm working on a solid, stackable, open/closeable, easily movable storage system for LPs. My goal is to make a product that blows IKEA's offering out of the water in terms of quality and features, without breaking the bank. I'm hand making these in Cincinnati, Ohio.

You can checkout the product here:

I'm also running a discount for early testers, so if you're interested you can use the coupon code LP-STORAGE-TESTER for 15% off.

Anyways, I'd love to hear what you all think about the product!



  • Hi Matt. Looks awesome. Props for being a creator.
    Price seems a bit steep though.

    Peace, stein...

  • Thanks for the feedback Einstein!

    What is the min / max you would pay for a crate? Trying to balance the equation between what it costs to make them vs. what people can afford to pay is tricky!

  • Well. I use the good old IKEA brand storage. But by looking at your cubes I'd say it should retail for no more than $40 max. Unless you figure out how to directly market to wealthy people.
    In an ideal world you could get an account with urban outfitters and sell them wholesale to them for around $25 each.
    Just curious are you buying wood at wholesale?

    Peace, stein...
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