Maulawi Orotunds Status Update

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Hi All,

I want to apologize for the delay in the Maulawi Orotunds release and the Strata Slip mats but been dealing with my pressing plant. As of now, I only have the 45 in house and I am still waiting for them to deliver the Maulawi Orotunds album. It was suppose to be here last week but then that didn???t happen. Also I am still waiting on the slip mats to be manufactured. As of now, I believe that I may receive the records on Friday of this week. I am working hard to get the records in house and the slip mats as well. It???s beyond frustrated that this whole process has taken so long; I never imagined that it would take until mid June. Please forgive the delay in communication but I should be receiving an update from my plant today.



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    hey Amir,

    What's the latest on this? Hope you're not dealing with too much drama...

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