DEMENTED masks cause a terrible riot in Jerusalem

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This is like an Onion piece.
A badly organized and ill-conceived exhibition of demented, scary masks at the Central Jerusalem Museum of Art has caused a mass brawl.

Hundreds of ancient masks from the Brazilian rainforest were on display at the museum.

Curators inexplicably decided to place them in a darkened hall with a rotating strobe light, which caused the masks to appear to be moving.

Some visitors freaked out and began to push.

As one visitor recalled, ???Suddenly there was pushing and shouting. Then some students began shouting ???They are alive,??? and this caused a stampede.???

Museum director Jim Bryber attempted to intercede after hearing of the commotion, but was stampeded. One report noted that he may have been carrying a mask, which he had attempted to rescue. His assistant, Beverly Waxstein, said ???It was terrible, he loved those masks and unfortunately, he was attempting to rescue one of them and it must have become entangled on his head. The crowd thought he was an undead, possessed demon and bludgeoned him badly.???

The museum is closed until further notice.


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    downtownrobbrown said:
    thought he was an undead, possessed demon

    And these people have an art museum?

    I guess they need something to do when the witch doctor isn't f*cking them.

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    downtownrobbrown said:
    This is like an Onion piece.

    this is a joke article for the Purim edition of the newspaper.

    you're supposed to wear masks on Purim.

    super interesting, though; thanks for posting!

  • thought he was a golem

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